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"Our Sister's Keeper Movement" calls for change in military - Fox News - Lubbock

The organization "Our Sister's Keeper Movement" is comprised of veterans past and present and those who are just trying to learn what is happening in the military currently.

"It's letting people know that this is a problem and by having veterans out here you know...a lot of times we don't come out for things, but this is important," said Stephanie Perez.

"We need to come out for this and hopefully when people see this that they will be like 'woah it is an issue, it is a big deal'."

Perez, the organizer of the Lubbock rally, hopes this organization can open everyone's eyes to the real problem going on in the military. Perez says she wants this organization to help stop abuse happening in the military.

For complete story, please click the link to the Lubbock Fox News story.

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